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Back to School 2023

At Palmer Violin Shop, we've been working closely with the school programs in our area for over a decade. We've created this online resource to make it easy for first-time musicians and their families to get the instruments and materials they need so that they're ready to go on Day One.


Materials and requirements vary by school, so we've created a tab for all of the schools we work with in Benton and Washington counties. We've got a copy of your teacher's Materials List, along with an online shop where you can buy them, and link to our rental application. We can deliver your items to your school! It really can't be any simpler. 

Any questions, please check out our Beginner's FAQ or send us an email, 

Elmwood (Rogers)
Kirksey (Rogers)
Oakdale (Rogers)
Lingle (Rogers)
Fayetteville Middle Schools (ALL)
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